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Specialty Field  Specialty Area

Mr.Hideyuki Ezaki

Shoushajinzai Consultant

 Global Operation

 Improvement of Business Process    and Productivity

 Education and Training for Human   Resources

  Do as left (English, Spanish languages will do)

Mr.Takanori Endo

Shoushajinzai Consultant

   ・Electromagnetism Applied

  ・Chemical Engineering

  ・Magnetic materials and Applied magnetic sheet
 ・RFID on Metal

Ms Hiroko Noda

Shoushajinzai Consultant
 1) Finance & Accounting

   Based on 20 years experience
   at a foreign affiliated company,
   We can provide our practical
   and smooth service to meet
   customers' needs.

 2) Accounting Education
   Conducted Azusa business
   School service and training
   Seminars for Internal Control
      and Finance Accounting
   Very comprehensive and easy

   Finance & Accounting in general 
     (English wil do)

Mr.Shuji Amatatu 

Shoushajinzai Consultant

 A long term consultation for  improvement of management
 based on practical experiences

  Management of business resources
 and risk management especially for
 India business.
 Good negotiation skill to cope with tough business counterparts.

 Sensibility on dynamic movement
 and environment change worldwide

  Strategic Management consultation to respond
    to today's business environment which is
    swiftly changing every day.
Mr.Satoshi Maruyama

Shoushajinzai Consultant
 ・Management consultation for New   business and investment abroad   especiallyASEAN, Taiwan, Hong    Kong, China


 ・Consultation for human resources   Planning ,Employment, Training,
,  Education)                      
 ・Establish Networks for Overseas   Business Operation                          
 ・Human Networks abroad

 ・Nonferrous metal, Steel business, Natural
  resources, Energy and Environment related

  ・Region-wise Taiwan, China, ASEAN

 Ms Rieko Yanagihara
Shoushajinzai Consultant

 Consultation and counseling to cope   with harassment, mental health for
  corporate at site

 ※No.1Prize of seminar speaker
   in 2008 sponsord by Yokohama city   authority

1) Supporting Corporate for harassment and
     mental health
   ・ Seminar speaker
   ・ Assessment of problems and Consultation
       for improvement of environment
   ・ To cope with problems(depression,  
        restoration, counseling for victims and
        assailant etc.)

 2)Counseling in general for Employees

 Ms. Katsumi Suzuki

Shoushajinzai Consultant

  Counseling for marriage
  Business manner seminar
  Service manner seminar
  Training for pre-open shops
  Seminar for communication   improvement
  Coaching Seminar
  Seminar for instructors
  Shop research (masked)

  Employees Education, Training and Seminar
 Mr. Tutomu Kawasaki

Shoushajinzai Consultant

  Supporting Hospital and Pharmacist     Association in China

  Collaboration with Japan-China
    Medical and Pharmaceutical     business people based on residence    experience in China

 ○To provide Japanese medical, pharmaceutical
    and  health related information of as an adviser
    of Japan-China Medical Science Association,

 ○Medical Tour arrangement for Chinese people
     for Japan and Consultation for Sales

 ○Seminar for Basic Knowledge on China  

 ○Seminar "How to improve sales for MR"
   No.1 Sales man at a pharmaceutical company


 Mr. Hikaru Sekine

Shoushajinzai Consultant


   @Pension ,Retirement Allowance

   ALife Insurance

   BSocial /Labor Insurance

   COffice regulations

   DFinancial Planning

 ●Establish & Review Pension ,Retirement     Allowance Systems for SME

 ●Life Insurance Application for Corporate
    Financial  Planning (Management Insurance)

 ●Insurance, Pension Investment, Old Age Life
     Plan,Consultation on Financial Planning

 ●Seminar arrangement for Financial Planning,
    Investment Education etc.


 Mr. Tomonori Kataoka

Shoushajinzai Consultant

 Executive Search, Education &
    Support for job change

  Executive Search
    Supporting & Consultation for Management
    and Personnel Dept.

  Contact to candidates for Executive
  Solution support
  Communication Training


 Mr. Akio Zama

Shoushajinzai Consultant

  Strategic Management, Planning     Executive Search & Education 
    Development of New Business
    Global business
 ○Consulting for Sales & Marketing for SME
 ○Consulting for New Business Development
     (Overseas business, especially)  
 ○Executive Search(Employment, Education)
 ○Intermediation for Business Tie-Up
 ○Consultation for IT, Information Systems,
    Internet Related Business


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