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 Principle of Privacy Policy

We, Heart Qualia Co.,Ltd, provide the following principal of privacy policy in order to offer the best
available solutions through various kind of services in our activities of marketing for our clients
(Corporate and Individual customers).

We, all people being engaged in our services, will meet our customers' satisfaction, maintaining the
thorough controlling system, keeping the following principle and operating a management system of
privacy policy based on the recognition that personal information is an asset of our customer and
also our important resource to be properly used and protected under the full and rigid control.


Article 1   Acquisition, Utilization and Contribution

 To set down a concrete rule and regulation on the proper acquisition,utilization and contribution
  of personal information and to practice properly.

Article 2   Demonstration of Purpose of Use
 To specify and demonstrate the purpose of use in case of acquisition of personal information

Article 3
 Prevention from Misuse other than specified purpose
 To handle personal information within a specified purpose of use and to take a proper action
  to prevent from misuse of the information.
Article 4
 Obedience of laws and regulations
 To follow laws, regulations, rules, guidance's by the government and so forth on handling personal

Article 5
 Prevention of leakage etc.
 To provide and execute the rules and procedures to prevent from, and correction of leakage ,
  lose,and damage of personal information.

Article 6
 To respond speedily to any complain and consultation on personal information whenever happens

Article 7
 Speedily Management on Request
 To handle speedily ,within a reasonable time , in case of request of disclosure,correction or
  deletion on one's own personal information.

Article 8
 Improvement of Management System
 To review continuously our management systems and procedures, and improve them whenever

Article 9
 Exhibition of Principal of Privacy Policy

 This principal of privacy policy is to be released to the public through our Internet Web site.

Established on September 1st,2009
Latest Revision: May 1st,2010