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Mission Statement of Heart Qualia

We are making best efforts with a global sight to establish new horizons, aiming for realizing a society
of all trust and vigor, respecting personality and humanity of all applicants.

Basic Philosophy and Code of Conduct of Heart Qualia

 The employment bureau business of Heart Qualia is to aim for realizing a substantial wealthy occupational life
of individuals and growth of corporate both home and abroad by introduction of appropriate human resources
to the corporates, respecting personality and humanity of all applicants and taking into consideration social
and economic environments which are changing and evolving daily.

In order to achieve the mission, Heart Qualia are not only raising the professional capability as an administration
body of staffing service but also carrying out a positive role of ourselves by responding to the social
needs, complying the applicable laws and regulations, knowing that we are engaged in a business fully connected
with the individual privacy and corporate' confidential information.

Taking into consideration of the above mentioned, Heart Qualia are stipulating herewith and abiding with full responsibility the following basic philosophy and code of conduct in order to make sure the social trust on
us and our contribution to the society.

    Basic Philosophy
  @<Respect of Human rights and Personality of Applicants>
   We are making best efforts to do our executive search works respecting human rights and personality of
   applicants under the recognition that we are involved in a business of person, each of who may have
   different personality and talent.

A<Contribution for Corporate of job-offer >
   We are offering appropriate staffing services to the corporate by fulfilling their needs
   for the contribution to their business development and growth.

B< Compliance of Laws and Regulations>
    We are acquainting ourselves relative laws and Regulations regarding fair management of staffing service
    and by complying them positively, are raising social trust on the business.

C< Right and Fair Management of Business>
   We are making best efforts to do right and fair management of our services making highly of corporate
   ethics in consideration of social and public nature of the business.

D< Promotion of Business with Full Vigor of Originality and Idea >
   We are realizing a better environment of employment through promotion of business with full vigor of
   originality and ideas, taking a strong eagerness and interest on service expansion of job opportunity
   and promotion and development of individual talent.

E< Collaboration with Our Partners >
   We are contributing to the society through our efforts on improvement of business management under
   the collaboration with our business partners.

   Code of Conduct
  @< Concern for Human Rights and Personality>
    We are making best efforts to respect human rights and personality of applicants taking into full
   consideration that we are involved in a business fully connected with individual life.

A< Appropriate Privacy Handling >
    We are complying closely Employment Security Act and Personal Information Protection Law in Japan,
    are acquiring necessary information for staffing service by an appropriate measure, and
    providing to applicants and corporate of job-offer with necessary information speedily and correctly
    as possible.

B<Confidentiality Obligation>
   We are not using , in other than our employment bureau business, any information of applicants and
    corporate' obtained through our services.

C< Right and Fair Treatment>
    We are not discriminating any applicant and treat them rightly and fairly. And, we are always responding to
    all applicants with full faith and sincerity.

D< Improvement of Professional Capability>
   We are making best efforts to improve professional capability of staffing services and
    to elevate our personality themselves in order to provide always with better one.

E<Treatment of Errors>
   In case of admitting errors, we are grasping the fact of them speedily and handling them correctly for
   the people concerned, and taking action to prevent from relapse of similar cases.

F<Verification of Fair Business Management>
   We are always inspecting our business management whether or not correctly performed in view of
   applicable laws and regulations, and also corporate ethics. And if necessary, we are correcting ourselves.

G<Awareness of Code of Conduct>
    We are making our code of conduct known to every employee.

  Enacted on May 1st. 2010