Consultant,Executive Search,Japan      Heart Qualia Co.Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Company Name   
   Heart Qualia Corporation


         Zip code: 248-0014
 4-4-39 Yuigahama Kamakura City, Kanagawa Pref.


Established       September 1st, 2009

   Mr. Akio Zama

(paid up)
   9.5Million JP Yen
Business Lines
  ○ Management Consultation

  ○ Executive Search Business 
   (Licence authorized by Japanese Govt. with no.:14−ユー300631)

  ○ Management and Projection of Web sites

     Sites available currently: 
    儡houshaman Excutive Club (
    儡houshlife  (    
    儡housha Jinzai  (
    僣eart Qualia (

  ○ Management and Projection of events and educational seminars
Mission Statement   
 We are making best efforts with a global sight to establish new horizons,
 aiming for realizing a society of all trust and vigor, respecting personality
 and humanity of all applicants.

Origin of Company Name  
 "Qualia" is a word used from 1990 or so to show "a sense of quality" which is
   discoverd through the advanced brain science research. It represents human
  emotion itself.

 "Heart" stands for a "core","center" or "mind", and we would like to manage
  our activities with the company name based on a respect of sense of mind
  quality and human emotion