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Address by CEO

1) Regarding Japanese Market

Because of recent yen appreciation , it may be said positively that there would be a great opportunity
for foreign companies to penetrate into Japanese market with their products and technologies at
reasonable prices competing with similar one made domestically in Japan.   

Address by Akio Zama
However, it might be also said that foreign companies may face difficulties in
term of cultural gap, quality sensibility, social acceptance, business practice,
local rules and so forth when trying to enter into the market in Japan even
though their products or technologies are recognized better one and
appreciated naturally in other market than Japanese.

How do they solve the problems and enjoy the fruit of business at the end ?

Here would be the answer that they have to use Japanese friends to guide them right direction
to achieve their goal of market penetration or soft landing into the market , communicating with
their customers in right way in Japanese.

For example, introductory efforts including market research, product development, sales and advertisement
of their products and technology to the partner , negotiation with their customers , establishment of
representative office or even sales office for substantial marketing activities in the future.

We would like to be such friends as a global partner who know well about business and market nature,
cultural background, people concerned through our long term business experiences and human
connections in various business fields throughout the home country and who can also communicate
with foreign companies in English or even in specific languages as needed.

2) Regarding Global Operation

If you have an overseas operation having factories or sales points as an international company, and
need help from Japanese in terms of business management as below.

Consultant for Global Business
Consultant for Strategic Management
Consultant for Marketing and Sales
Consultant for Project Management

We would like to offer or introduce appropriate person of experience who will take care of your business
in depth to contribute rightly and speedily for your business operation as we have human resources to
meet your requirement through Sogo-shousha (Japanese global trading and investment companies)
human network.

As such, we have both hands as a consultation company and a licensed staffing service operating
company in Japan and would be happy to cooperate with our possible customers to meet their

Thank you for your kind understanding on our operation and we are looking forward to possible
collaboration with you in the very near future.


    Akio Zama

Chief Executive Officer
Heart Qualia Corporation